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2022 Wedding Trends!!!

If you are planning or attending a wedding in 2022 here are some of the hottest trends to look forward to!

Décor Trends

Neon Signs "Custom Last name" "Happy Ever After" " Mr. & Mrs. ""Better Together " "Til death do us part" "It was always you"

Acrylic Signs & Bar Accessories (Personalized drink stirrers or drink tags)


Marquee Lights "Mr. & Mrs." "Love" "Last Name" "Initials"

Champagne Towers & Walls

Lounge Furniture

Multi-Day Experiences

Weekday Weddings

Seating Arrangements

Bold Color Palette


Wedding Trends We Have To Let Go Of!

Matching Bridesmaids dresses

2022 expect to see different styles that are flattering for each individual and different shades from the same color palette!

Garter Toss


Photo booths

If you are looking or know a couple who is looking for a Wedding Coordinator! We are here to serve you all the trends! We offer 3 different wedding packages that service every couples needs!


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