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Mastering Multiple Wedding Day Events Planning: The Moodley Celebration

Love Beyond Borders: The Moodley Wedding's Multi-day, Multicultural Festivities

Weddings are a celebration of love, culture, and unity. But what happens when a couple wants to honor multiple traditions, ceremonies, and parties in one grand event?

Enter the Moodley wedding – a spectacular series of celebrations that I fondly refer to as the "Wedding Olympics." With seven venues, over thirty vendors, and a blend of diverse traditions, this was not just another wedding. It was a monumental coordination of love, tradition, and festivities. Let's dive into the behind-the-scenes of this multi-event wonder.

Understanding The Moodley Vision

At the lively 2020 Houston Rodeo Cookoff, Roslyn and Lee's paths crossed unexpectedly. Deep conversations swiftly led to a unique first date amidst a global lockdown, marked by Lysol wipes and Caymus. Their love story, dotted with global adventures from Punta Mita to a sunlit proposal in Porto, set the foundation for an equally dynamic wedding journey.

Fast forward, as wedding preparations began, Roslyn & Lee initially roped us in for their Catholic wedding. The city buzz of Houston's loop was to be their chosen locale, a challenging endeavor given that a majority, about 85%, of their guests would be commuting from afar. But the story took another twist. Enter Mrs. Ravila, Lee's spirited mother. Traditionally, as Lee is her eldest, she wished to honor him with an Indian wedding, in addition to hosting the rehearsal dinner. What started as a single ceremony soon blossomed into two unique celebrations, spreading the vibrant essence of their union over multiple days.

Golden Hues of Tradition: The Nellangu Ceremony

The Nellangu is a fundamental South Indian pre-wedding ceremony, rich in symbolism and tradition. Beyond its ancient customs, it serves as a poignant introduction to the grander events ahead, with its main purpose being to purify and prepare the bride and groom for their shared future.

Guided by Mrs. Ella

Pillay from Durban and accompanied by Aaron Hernandez's calming sitar tunes, participants blessed the couple with a blend of turmeric, yogurt, and honey, marking a communal act of purification.

The Nellangu was a harmonious blend of traditional and inclusive festivities. Guests immersed themselves in the event, with some partaking and others enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. This duality highlighted Roslyn and Lee's distinctive marital journey.

The color yellow, symbolizing purification, illuminated the Nellangu. We urged guests to wear this radiant shade, creating a unified, golden ambiance. Traditional flowers imported from India adorned the venue, while Lee's grandmother, Amma, offered a touch of authenticity with her homemade Indian dishes.

This intimate ceremony paved the way for the Indian Ceremony, a further exploration of Roslyn and Lee's rich cultural heritage.

The Indian Ceremony: Elegance in Simplicity

The Indian ceremony, while radiant in its own right, was intricately designed to complement the grandeur of the upcoming Catholic wedding. We chose a gentle spring color palette, accented by the delightful touches of a carefully curated dessert display.

One standout challenge was the venue itself; with the ceremony, reception, and cocktail hour all sharing the same floor. Our innovative solution involved the use of draping to elegantly section off the ceremony area. As guests drifted to the cocktail hour, our team sprung into action. With precision and efficiency, they transformed the draped ceremony space into a resplendent reception hall in under an hour.

No celebration is complete without the rich tapestry of flavors. The authentic culinary delights catered by Chef Kiran from the esteemed Kiran's in Houston, a city staple, enriched the gastronomic experience. An Indian DJ, juxtaposed against the wedding band for the finale, was the cherry on top, seamlessly blending traditional rhythms with modern beats.

Rehearsal Dinner: A Prelude to the Grand Day

The rehearsal dinner, set atop B&B Butchers' rooftop, elegantly bridged the Indian ceremony with the upcoming Catholic wedding. This event wasn't just a precursor, but a meticulously crafted prelude to Roslyn and Lee's main wedding day.

With only an hour to transform the restaurant, we infused elegance: repurposing florals from the Indian ceremony, introducing sophisticated linens and seating, and enhancing the dining experience with intricate menu cards. Custom signage and a DJ added personal touches and a perfect musical backdrop.

While I was setting up this space, the wedding party rehearsed at the church, highlighting the day's intricate coordination. By evening, the restaurant was a transformed celebratory haven, awaiting the wedding party's arrival.

The Grand Catholic Finale: Timeless Elegance Meets Spirited Celebration

The solemn vows at St. Joseph Catholic Church paved the way for jubilant celebrations at the Julia Ideson Building, a historical gem in Houston. The transition was designed for guests' comfort, with a thoughtful "Catholic break" in between, allowing them to refresh at the C. Baldwin hotel.

The design ethos for the reception was timeless elegance. We drew inspiration from the building's rich history, emphasizing marble and wood elements, complemented by verdant green and pristine white floral arrangements. Before the crowd flooded in, Roslyn and Lee had their intimate room reveal, a moment to marvel at the space that would soon echo with laughter and dances.

Cocktail hour set the mood with live melodies in the mesmerizing courtyard. Then, guests ascended to the 2nd floor, where an expansive setup awaited them. Embracing Roslyn's Louisiana roots, the dinner was an eclectic blend of Texan and Southern tastes, offering diverse stations from tacos to cajun comfort dishes. We ensured an informal seating vibe, with minimal table setups focusing on design and scattered cocktail tables, promoting mingling.

As the night progressed, energy soared. The live band, glittery moments, special dances, and even a bridesmaid's impromptu performance had everyone on their feet. The evening climaxed with a grand exit, as Roslyn and Lee departed amidst bubbles and balloons, toasts of champagne, and the nostalgic charm of a vintage car. This finale was not just an end but a beautiful beginning to their shared journey.

BONUS! The Day-After Delight: The After Brunch

In the calm after the grand celebrations, Mrs. Ravila opened her doors for a cozy brunch at her residence. While she coordinated the delectable spread, we had the pleasure of assisting with a few elegant rentals, ensuring the atmosphere was both special and familiar. This intimate gathering was the perfect setting for loved ones to reminisce and share stories from the festivities.

On our end, the day was tinged with excitement as we attended the Taylor Swift concert. The city, buzzing with fans and events, added another layer to the weekend's challenges. However, meticulous planning ensured that the festivities unfolded smoothly, rounding off an unforgettable weekend.

Coordination & Behind-the-Scenes

Piecing together Roslyn and Lee’s extensive wedding celebrations was like assembling a grand mosaic, each event a unique tile adding to the whole masterpiece. With traditions spanning continents and rituals that took us from home settings to grand venues, the coordination was nothing short of intricate.

One of the most notable challenges was navigating the demands of multiple venues and vendors. For instance, transforming a restaurant setting at B&B Butchers for the rehearsal dinner in just an hour, or flipping the Indian ceremony space into a grand reception within a tight window, tested our agility and creativity.

But amidst these complexities emerged beautiful moments of joy. The memory of guests, awash in yellow for the Nellangu, or the vibrancy of the Indian ceremony contrasted by the timeless elegance of the Catholic wedding, these snapshots are etched in time.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of our behind-the-scenes hustle was witnessing firsthand the impact of our work. From the intimate room reveal for the couple to the gentle morning after-brunch at Mrs. Ravila’s, every reaction was a reminder of the beauty of our labor.


Reflecting on the journey, Roslyn and Lee's wedding was a vibrant tapestry of cultures, emotions, and memories. Each event, while unique, seamlessly flowed into the next, painting a beautiful story of love, family, and togetherness. The challenges were many, but the joys they brought - the smiles, the tears, the dances - made every hurdle worth crossing. Orchestrating such a diverse and extensive celebration was a testament to the beauty of coming together, both in marriage and in the grand spectacle of celebration. The finale might have been the grand exit with bubbles, balloons, and a vintage car, but the memories we crafted will linger on, timeless and beautiful.

Join Our Journey:

Were you inspired by Roslyn and Lee's wedding odyssey? If you're dreaming of a celebration as unique and seamless as this, let's collaborate. From intimate gatherings to grand spectacles, we're here to turn your vision into a reality. Reach out today, and let's craft memories together.

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"There aren't words to adequately express how amazing Ashley is. My husband and I hired her for our two Indian ceremonies, our rehearsal dinner, and our Catholic wedding and everything was PERFECT. I truly can't imagine how I would have gotten through wedding planning without her. She sends a monthly newsletter to keep you on track, so you know exactly what is being tackled when, and what is coming up on your to do list. She has excellent taste that I frequently relied upon to help me make design decisions and she's super creative, suggesting things I never would have thought of. And her sweet personality made working with her so enjoyable. She made the entire process so fun! We love you, Ashley. Thank you for everything! "

-Roslyn Green Moodley

Nellangu Vendors: Venues:@belamourhouston | Glam: @anummua.htx |Photography: @erikageierphotography

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Brunch Vendor: @sweetlifecandycarts


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