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An Elegant Union at The Springs Cypress | The Ganious Wedding Story by AVP

Welcome to AVP – where your wedding dreams meet our expert planning in crafting culturally rich and luxurious celebrations.

Today, we're thrilled to feature the elegant wedding of Eboni and Kenneth, a testament to love, organization, and style. Eboni and Kenneth's journey began as colleagues, leading to a unique dual proposal, marking the beginning of their path to matrimony. Their wedding style was undeniably elegant, a vision they were determined to bring to life.

At the heart of their planning was organization—a principle that resonated deeply with AVP's core values.

The highlight of their wedding day, as shared by Eboni, was the bridal suite experience, where "The Glam" and "The 1st Look Photos" created unforgettable memories. Their decision to choose AVP was driven by word-of-mouth recommendations, underscoring the trust and confidence placed in our expertise to manage an event of over 200 guests seamlessly.

Elevating Expectations with Elegant Attire

Eboni’s breathtaking dress by Ese Azenabor from Dallas, TX, alongside Kenneth’s custom attire from Tailor Me in Sugarland, TX, exemplified the sophistication and personalized elegance they envisioned for their day.

The bridesmaids, adorned in elegant copper dresses from Bridal Babes, mirrored the wedding’s refined aesthetic. To further personalize their day, Eboni and Kenneth encouraged guests to embrace a specific color palette, inviting shades of brown, champagne, neutrals, and gold into the celebration. This thoughtful approach ensured that the entire wedding radiated cohesive elegance and warmth, truly reflecting the couple’s style.

They also shared a practical tip for other couples planning their wedding: ensuring clear communication of the bride’s expectations, including with adult children.

Venue & Design Realization:

Choosing the right venue was crucial for Eboni and Kenneth, with the selection process prioritizing space and stunning views. The venue’s beautiful windows offered a glimpse into the soul of their wedding, serving as the perfect canvas for AVP’s design creativity. Through meticulous planning and a keen eye for detail, we brought their elegant & garden-style vision to life, showcasing a blend of luxury and cultural richness that made their celebration truly unique.

Eboni and Kenneth’s experience with AVP was nothing short of exceptional. In their own words, “Ashley’s professionalism, patience, and knowledge base were outstanding… Ashley ensured our wedding planning process was stressless and met all of our needs on our wedding day.”

Reflecting on Eboni and Kenneth’s beautiful celebration reinforces our commitment to creating dream weddings that reflect each couple’s unique journey. Dreaming of an elegant, personalized wedding like Eboni & Kenneth’s? Discover how we can bring your unique vision to life. Click below to delve deeper into their story and learn more about AVP’s transformative planning process.

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The Springs Cypress Ganious Wedding Vendors

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Bridal Fashion | Bridal Babes

Designer & Planner | Ashley's Visions & Productions


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