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Before you jump ahead to what color they should where & where are they going to get dresses! I am here to share tips to consider when selecting your bridal party!

For some this is an easy task but for others this could be nerve-racking! I always stress to my clients that there is no rule book to wedding planning and you should do whatever makes you feel good at every decision point! Have a large wedding party or don't have one at all, who cares! I have some simple tips to help you with whatever you decide!


Step 1: Selecting your bridesmaids

Think twice before you ask and set a reasonable expectations for your bridesmaids. Once you have asked someone, you cannot undo it. Take your time and give yourself at least a month before rushing into anything.

Step 2: Choosing a maid of HONOR

The best honor attendants are friends who are responsible and it shouldn't always be a bff. Rather choose a person who you can trust, rely on, who has time to do what's necessary to be done and good at providing emotional support.

Step 3: No time for quid pro quo

Don't ask a to be bridesmaid or invite friends because they asked you before. You can of course, but not obliged to do so. It is your wedding to choose your closest and sincere guests to be around on your special day.

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