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Bridal Bouquet Designs & Ideas

Other than the RING, The Brides bouquet is my favorite wedding accessory! It is completely custom to her favorite colors & flowers! There is so many different ways a Florist can design your dream bouquet! I have listed a few that are most popular & my personal favorite!

Featured Floral Designer : Monica's Brides


Garden Style

Is a loose-tied arrangement! This type of bouquet consists of a more full & messy look! Usually, has quite a bit of greenery & other florals!

Cascading Style

This style cascades from the bride's hands, creating a natural & trailing effect! That is visually stunning!!!

"The aim of love is to love; no more, no less". – Oscar Wilde

Clean Style

This is definitely a more polished look! Typically, has only no greenery and only a floral! Either a cluster of one specific kind of flower or a cluster with the same colors just different flowers! It's my personal favorite!

Curious on how much an average bridal bouquet cost?

To get a more accurate price please reach out to local Florist! SO many things determine the cost! Like the size, style, type of flower, color of flower, any greenery, even the Florist! A beautiful bridal bouquet can range anywhere between $165 -$500+! Again, I recommend reaching out to your Florist to discuss your floral vision! All of the bouquets pictured are from my favorite florist, Monica's Brides! Located in Houston, Tx!


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